Souljourns Imagined

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A woman’s radiance and magic arises from connections to her innermost desires. For women of color in eurocentric spaces, the challenges of navigating systems of oppression skillfully often costs us our ability to shine with the vibrance we were born to share. Souljourns prioritize pleasure and joy as experiential tools to reconnect WOC to our own needs and deepest desires. The result is “turn on” and the contagious power of play and freedom that impacts all around us.   

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Community + Service

Ubuntu-I am because we are

Souljourns with Blue Zaria and Crystal McCreary Yoga embrace a philosophy that emphasizes co-creation of a community culture during travel in which all women feel seen, supported, loved and emboldened to live their dreams. Through the intentional practice of fostering connection and allyship with other WoC, Souljourns support the cultivation of a blueprint for thriving independently and in community both abroad and back home.

Every Souljourner knows that she is magic!  Souljourns would not be complete without opportunities to share our gifts generously for the purpose of enhancing the lived experience of others, our community and our world. In so doing, we offer the ultimate spiritual practice of empathy in action: compassionate service.

Mindfulness + Movement

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention with kindness and curiosity. When WOC ruminate about the past or worry about the future, we miss the wonder of life as it unfolds before us in the present moment. Being in a new culture can return us to a “beginner’s mind,”  a state of savoring every new experience for the exciting opportunity it is. To learn, evolve and remind us of the incredible gift that life is. Practices that explore mindful acts of kindness, eating, walking, and communicating offer tools to savor everyday moments on our souljourns.

Souljourns would not be complete without opportunities for sacred movement. From yoga, walks and hikes to cultural dance and sport, Souljourns promise to connect Souljourners to their bodies in liberating and mindful ways that also enrich their experience of each destination. A variety of opportunities for moderate cardiovascular exercise included in each trip help Souljourners process stress hormones, create neuroplasticity in the brain (our capacity to learn new things and shed old unsupportive habits), and ultimately support  radiant vitality in body, mind, spirit and heart.

When you pray, move your feet.” - African proverb.

When you pray, move your feet.” - African proverb.


Adventure + Rest

Each Souljourn is curated to perfection with the promise of pleasure, rest and adventure in a culturally immersive experience that is unforgettable. Thematic elements inspired by each unique destination ensure that every souljourn offers a distinctively enriching opportunity to learn and step outside of one’s comfort zone, and to see one’s self more clearly against the backdrop of a foreign culture.

Souljourns encourage women of color to take time to do absolutely nothing so the body can be nurtured and pampered through rest indulgent spa experiences and personalized wellness services unique to each destination.