Do you have double occupancy rooms?

With the exception of the Menzeh Suite, all suites are sold as single occupancy but can accommodate more than one persons.  You can share your room with a friend b:y

  1. Purchasing your desired room
  2. Your friend purchasing the travel package
  3.  Splitting the cost of the room with your friend

To figure out the cost of the room, subtract $2500  from the total cost of the package. That cost can then be divided among rooms.  Blue Zaria is not involved in the process of sharing the cost f a room with a friend.

Can anyone go on this trip?

Blue Zaria's Wellness Journeys are curated specifically for black women looking to share travel experiences with other sistas. 

Do I need to know how to do yoga?

No, you do not need to have yoga experiences to participate in the daily yoga sessions.  Our yoga instructors are women of color who curate yoga classes for all ability levels and body types.