Reykjavik City Card

The Reykjavik City Card is a great way to experience Reykjavik for less. The card is  available in 24, 48 and 72 hour increments and for both children and adults. Visit museums, famed swimming pools, receive discounts and access to public transportation for the duration of your card. 


The Reykjavík City Card gives you access to quite a few museums. Visit the Settlement Exhibition, the National Museum and Árbæjarsafnand you'll have a great sense of Iceland’s history, its art scene and the Vikings of old.

 Swimming Pools

Swimming pools to Icelandic people are like pubs to the English. The Reykjavík City Card, gives you access to all the swimming pools in the city. While the card is valid, you can visit the pools as often as you want. The swimming pools are where it’s at!




While the city center is easily walkable, you might want to check Laugardalslaug swimming pool and Árbær City Museum,  both, outside of the city center. With the Reykjavík City card you have unlimited access to the Reykjavík City Buses while the card is valid.




In addition to swimming pools, museums, and bus access, The Reykjavik City Card also provides discounts for tours, restaurants and city shops. Check out the list on Visit Reykjavik's website.


Select the Reykjavik City Card that suits your needs