We've arrived! 
Landed in Keflavik, Iceland. It's 7:29 am local time, 2:29 am eastern standard time. The plane did not pull up to a gate like we do in most places I've traveled. The pilot parked at what appears to be a random spot on the tarmac and we used portable stairs to get off amidst the blizzard.
After six hours of feeling like sardines in a can, the brisk wind as we walked down the stairs to the waiting bus was a welcome treat! 

A quick minute or so ride we arrived at the terminal. Noting the lack of sunlight, a fellow passenger asked about the sunrise time. Ten am, said the pilot! Sunset at 6pm. 

It will be interesting getting used to so little daylight. Heading to see the Northern Lights tonight. Hopefully, it will be a great night for them!