Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland

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Cook and Dine - A Unique Culinary Experience

At Salt Eldhús (Icelandic for kitchen), we are invited to join world famous chefs for some delicious fun and a chance to cook with fresh local ingredients. Icelandic fish and lamb will take center stage as we learn to cook new nordic style.  A novice in the kitchen ? The Cook & Dine workshops do not require any prior culinary experience, classes cater to all needs, gourmet cooks and novices alike. 

South Coast with Volcanoes and Glaciers

This journey around Iceland is beyond your imagination. Explore Iceland's amazing marvels of nature in its purest form. Discover thundering waterfalls, ancient volcanoes, glaciers, and a plane relic on the dramatic black-sand beaches.

Quads and Caves - ATV Tour

We start with caving in Leidarendi lava tube cave. We will enter through narrow cave entrances and explore the extraordinary lava formations, unexpected colours, natural stalactites and different rock formations. The trip can be tricky at times, since we may need to crawl in a few places. This quad biking tour is ideal for beginners, and those who want to try something new while enjoying the outdoors. We'll explore the backcountry of Reykjavik. 

If you have never been on a quad bike before? Don’t worry. Most guests are first timers. The bikes are easy to operate, and before every tour the guides provide operational and safety instructions. Special care and attention provided to novice riders.