"Life is about journeys you never expected, but always remain open to whatever travels come your way."

The trip to Puerto Rico was absolutely beautiful. Not only was I blown away by the majestic scenery and activities, but also the company and lessons learned. I met so many women who really opened up my perspective on life, and help me understand that life is really about really living—not just going through the motions. Blue Zaria has really touched all of our lives in a very special way!
— Amber
Puerto Rico was a great destination for the first Blue Zaria trip! There were fun, relaxing, exciting activities to see and do everyday! I however, especially enjoyed getting to know an exciting group of women. Priceless!
— Rita
Together we are strong because we are connected by our individual strengths.

Together we have created a space where we feel heard, seen and valued. A deep connection and energy now exists among us, when once we were strangers. We have given and received without judgments. We have been inspired to imagine, to dream, to dare, to believe, to do. Our collective and individual relationships provide much needed sustenance, rejuvenation and connections.

Together we are strong because we are women.
— Blue Zaria
The best part of the trip for me was meeting the women I travelled with. What a fantastic group? Puerto Rico was beautiful and so were the group of women.”
— Valentina
The trip was amazing! From the sites of Old San Juan to laying poolside gazing at the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was inspirational amazing meeting wonderful women and not knowing what an impact they would have on my life! Overall, the trip was great and I can’t wait to travel with Blue Zaria again!.
— Ariel