“Colors that I’ve seen in paintings, mountain scenes that have been used as Windows desktop backgrounds, hot springs out of Jurassic Park—all in real life. I would not consider myself an overly religious person. But Iceland is a place that can only be described as God’s Land.”

     “After the quick stop at the crater, we ventured to a waterfall. It was seemingly on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, a true testament to how untouched Iceland is. These natural wonders pop out of nowhere, with very little tourist signals or paths leading to them. We managed to slide down the muddy slop from the road to the base of the waterfall, and the mist covered us in a chilly frost, but was worth the view.”

“It seems rare to find a place where nature and humans can meet peacefully and coexist without issue, but Icelanders have an appreciation and connection with the natural world that keeps the place by far the most serene that I’ve ever visited.”

Angela Anastasi

“The colors, the thin air, the peacefulness, it's indescribable. Imagine your most peaceful place, the most sensual and relaxing colors, and that right there is Iceland for you.”

Elissa Candiotti